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Antique Reproduction Furniture – A Cost Effective Option

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Antique furniture has a certain style, class and beauty that it brings to a room. Most of us adore and desire this classic and timeless look, and would love our homes or offices to have the same feel and look but only very few can afford it. What a lot of people now know is that they can get a furniture crafts man to build the exact replica of that antique piece that they would have spent a fortune on. This type of furniture is called reproduction furniture. There are a lot of reproduction furniture manufacturers out there now as this type of furniture is gaining popularity. Not only is reproduction furniture affordable, it comes fully fitted and can be customized as much as the buyer desires.

As we all know antique furniture is cut throat expensive and not easy to find. A lot of antique furniture lovers are starting to look at antique reproduction furniture as a less expensive alternative that will give their space the same feel and look as original antique furniture. Most of the people now going for antique furniture believe flat pack modern furniture is starting to lose style, class and any form of uniqueness or individuality. When choosing the right reproduction furniture maker to build that antique piece you have been dreaming of furnishing your space with, there are certain factors that you might want to consider.

Firstly check if you have any reproduction furniture makers local to you, as reproduction furniture is usually shipped assembled. The closer the manufacturer the more assured you are that your furniture will get to you in good condition. Also check out the quality of the furniture the manufacturer had built for other customers and find out what type of wood and materials they use and where they get their materials from especially if you are going to be ordering more than just one table and chair. If you end up going for a manufacturer that is not local, make sure you find out how they plan to ship the finished product to you; if they will be shipping directly or through a third-party. Also if the manufacturer you go for is local to you it will be easier to send it back if there are any problems with it or you need something changed.

Furnishing a Home With Reproduction Furniture

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

When Furnishing a home it is not easy to decide on any specific decorative theme. Sure, some like to have an ‘oriental room’ or an ‘Egyptian room’ or something similar, but many people just want to have a room that looks different. They don’t want to conform to the usual Egyptian, Wild West or Roman theme, or whatever other decorative fad is popular at the time.

Many people believe rooms themed in such a fashion to look a bit cheap, because the artifacts are obviously not real, and many of the designs have never been seen during the period they are supposed to represent. Historical accuracy is very important when furnishing a home to any specific period, even though it is only one room.

Antiques and American Colonial Furniture

Many people like collecting antiques, such as figurines, items of furniture or even just snuff boxes and other items that are genuine relics of a bygone age. Others like to collect paintings or tapestries originating from a certain period, such as the Georgian period of English history, the Louis periods of French history (usually Louis XIV-XVI) or even the French Imperial era of Napoleon and later.

Many look to the Colonial era of American History, particularly the New England period when those who were to become the first true Americans made their own artifacts, including their own furniture. Furnishing a home, or at least a single room, in the style of one of these periods is not unusual in the USA, and furniture manufacturers have recognize this in some of the products they are offering.

Much of the furniture manufacture in America during the colonial an evolutionary periods were copies of French and English pieces.

Southwood Furniture Reproductions

This is not intended as a Southwood furniture review, but since that is the one American company that has realized its ambition of becoming one of America’s top manufacturers of reproduction furniture, then it is difficult to look elsewhere for a better example. In fact, Southwood is the only American furniture firm allowed access to the Historic New England archives to research the genuine furniture designs used during the Colonial period.

So, using Southwood as an example, here are some of the items of furniture that are available to you should you wish to furnish a room in your home in one of these interesting periods. Or perhaps you simply want to supplement your collection of antique accent items with some pieces of furniture that genuinely represent the same periods faithfully and accurately.

For example, if you have an old French grandfather clock in your hall, why not complement it with a beautiful reproduction Louis XV 5-legged corner chair, with graceful gilded cyma legs? That’s a fabulous way to use up an otherwise empty corner. You could supplement that with a lovely consol table set against the wall. Some suitable wall covering and French period prints would complete the effect.

American Reproduction Furniture

Maybe you prefer to decorate and furnish your lounge in a French style, but one originally manufactured in America. Much of the early American colonial and revolutionary furniture manufactured in America was copied from English and French designs brought to the colonies by merchants and seafarers.

The Southwood reproduction of the Otis Empire chair, the original of which can be seen in the Otis House Museum in Boston, is completely true to the original, just as all Southwood reproductions reproduce the original piece as much as possible using modern materials.

This is a genuine Napoleonic Empire period reproduction, the original copy of which is believed to have been made by American craftsman Duncan Phyfe. The carved Ionic leaves beneath the arms represent Napoleon’s victories in Egypt, and this chair is a beautiful reproduction of an American chair made during the French Empire period.

Early American Furniture

Furnishing a home with reproduction furniture generally refers to solid wood and upholstered furniture from the 17th century onward. Many Americans like to furnish at least one room in the style of the early revolutionaries such as can be seen in Paul Revere’s house in Boston, or in any of the mansions maintained by the Historic New England Museum.

Most of these are 16th an 18th century, the earliest being the Jackson house in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the Gedney house in Salem, Massachusetts built in 1664 an 1665 respectively. It is from the 18th century houses that most of the furniture used for reproductions originated. The bulk of this was collected by sea captains and merchants during their travels, a large proportion being of French and English origin.

If you intend furnishing a home with reproduction furniture, or even a single room, you will find a good selection online to choose from. Southwood Furniture in particular was created in order to become one of America’s best reproduction furniture manufacturers, and while not the only one, it can certainly be recommended.

Reproduction Furniture or the Real Thing: Antique Furniture or Copies?

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Should you purchase reproduction furniture or the real thing? Is it better to buy antique furniture for your home or copies? The word ‘copy’ might be unfair to cabinetmakers skilled in hand-crafting reproductions since many are better made than the originals, but that is fundamentally what they are.

In using the term ‘better made’ there is no intention to suggest that the reproductions are better than the originals. Certainly not in the sense that a copy of the Mona Lisa could ever be better painted than Leonardo Da Vinci’s original.

However, it is possible for a reproduction Louis XIV sofa to be stronger than the original due to advances in construction techniques. That is itself is admitting that it would not then be a perfect copy, if there ever could be such a thing.

However, this discussion is not about the relative merits of originals and reproductions or copies, but about which would be the better for your home. The original or the copy. While it would be great to be able to afford to buy the originals of such fine furniture, in many respects it would not be suitable for the modern home.

How Are Antiques Defined?

First, what is the definition of an ‘antique?’ In 1930, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act defined it as being any item produced prior to 1830. In 1966, the U.S. Customs Office changed this to be any item over 100 years old (for some reason excluding carpets and rugs!) In 1993, this was further amended to include objects that have been amended or restored with modern parts where these do not exceed 50% and where the intrinsic character of the object has not been changed.

Given this, then any item made prior to 1913 can be regarded as antique. It is not these items with which we are concerned but furniture of recognized antiquity. Examples include the French Louis and Imperial periods, the UK Georgian periods and earlier, and American colonial furniture.

Drawbacks of Original Antiques

A main drawback of original antiques is their great age and value. Would you really want a genuine piece by a great English master of the late 18th century Georgian period to be sitting in your home? A cabinet by the great Thomas Chippendale sold at Christies, London England, in 2008 for £2.4 million (around $3.8 million.)

That’s one drawback. The insurance and your reluctance to permit anybody to use it! Thomas Sheraton pieces of around the same era are built with the hallmark Sheraton slender legs that might snap in an instant if leaned upon today. In fact, that’s another major drawback of using genuine antique furniture of value in your home.

Benefits of Reproduction Furniture

One benefit of reproduction furniture is obvious. You can furnish your home with pieces that are practically exact copies of the originals at a very low price. Southwood Furniture is America’s principal and most respect manufacturer of reproduction antique furniture. This company can provide you with reproductions of pieces from the major British and European furniture eras, and also from the American Colonial era.

This company is mentioned principally because it is the only furniture manufacturer in the world that has received permission to reproduce the furniture contained in the 36 homes that comprise the Historic New England Museum. It does so beautifully, and you can have any of these pieces reproduced to display and use in your own home.

Herein lays the major benefit of reproduction furniture. You get to use these designs without the drawbacks associated with age and wear. The original upholstery is reproduced as far as it is possible to do so, and the woodworking skills are awesome. The turned legs and stretchers are as near to perfect as you will get, and the hand carving is of the highest quality.

Uses Of Reproduction Furniture When Furnishing An Office

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

If you are looking for retro, traditional or other types of furniture when decorating your office, reproduction furniture could be a practical alternative to buying unique items. You’ll be able to buy reproduction workplace furniture or seats without necessarily going broke.

The marketplace for reproduction furniture has grown dramatically as the costs for unique antiques in good condition have raised dramatically. This isn’t just the situation for the classic antique styles of furniture. The retro look from the 1950s and 1960s has become more fashionable and there are not enough originals available, therefore there is a market for reproduction furniture.

If you are searching for the traditional or retro office look, buying original items in good useable condition can be very expensive. Additionally, many of the products may not provide the features that modern day workplace environments need. Even purchasing items that require work can be expensive over time when the price or restoration is taken into consideration. There is also the chance that you unconsciously buy fake furniture that is of low quality.

Reproduction furniture provides significant differences to fake furniture. Fake components of furniture are created to deliberately deceive the buyer into thinking that the item is definitely an original. Reproduction furniture may carry markings of its maker and does not conceal the fact that it is a reproduction.

For a lot of products with a retro 1950s and 1960s might be made from the original moulds, yet use diverse modern components. If the original moulds aren’t available, then a new mould is made, frequently using an original item in the making of the completely new mold.

Excellent reproduction furniture will be made of high quality materials and will look like an authentic item, but method of construction may be diverse; as an example, the final finish may use modern lacquers instead of French shine.

Several manufacturers of reproduction workplace furniture will give you a complete suite of furniture from the desk to book case and filing units all with the identical style. A workplace that looks coordinated gives a better impression to visitors and good reproduction furniture will make it appear that the office is designed in a classic style.

One of the needs of a modern workplace is a table that is suitable for using a pc. Many producers will make a desk that when not being used may be like an original bit of furniture, however, if being used, a drawer front may fold down to use with some sort of pc style keyboard. In these cases, the furniture will even allow for all of the cabling to be concealed.

Flipping Real Estate or Flipping Paper?

July 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Flipping real estate properties is not for everybody but it is the fastest way to make a buck in the real estate business. Most everybody has heard of someone buying a “run down” house for a good price well below market value, fixing it up and selling it at a fair market price. Flipping a “fixer-upper” is definitely one way to turn a reasonably quick profit. I know some people who do it this way but they are more into the contractor and renovation business than they are of the investor mindset.

Some of these “fixer-upper” properties are in need of extensive repair and will involve electrical work, carpentry work, etc. If the investor gets involved and does some or all of this work then there could be enough profit there but if the investor farms out the required labour, profits could get eaten up quickly. For these types of flipping real estate investments, the purchase price needs to be at a huge discount and normally would be found somewhere in the foreclosure stage.

For the person that is in the mindset of investing rather than being in the renovation business then flipping real estate will only involve flipping the paper contract of the property without even taking possession of it. You can flip by entering an agreement to buy a property then sell the contract to another investor before close of escrow.

Using this technique won’t even require you to put your name on the title. Profits will generally be less than the fixer-upper investor but involves much less work and the whole process is much quicker. A fixer-upper investor would not be happy in making a profit of a few thousand dollars for a few months work on renovations but an investor that can just flip a contract for a few hours or days work would be.

Avoid disclosure of your profits to the new buyer by using a double closing.
After making a sweet deal and flipping a contract involving a juicy profit you may not want all these details to be revealed to your buyer. The solution is a double closing, transferring the property to you initially and then reselling immediately at the same lawyer’s office just an hour later to your buyer.

Three Things You Should Never Say to Your Real Estate Agent

June 6, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, a real estate agent makes you feel like you have a supportive and knowledgeable friend. It’s important to tell them all the important details about the property you are selling. If you are looking to buy a home, then you should be able to communicate all the features that you consider high priorities. Still, some people say things that are potentially offensive to a real estate agent. Avoid these common mistakes.

“But I looked up the property values online, and… ”
There are many great online tools for comparing neighborhoods and trends, but nothing currently available online compares to the experience of an informed real estate agent. Property values can be ballpark estimates or based on sales from decades ago. By all means, do the research and share your impressions of different neighborhoods with your realtor, but make sure that you respect their experience and training. Don’t assume the results you got from a search engine will trump the advice realtors are trying to convey regarding the local market.

“Your job must be so much fun!”
Viewing and touring new properties all day may seem like a lot of fun, but there is also a lot of paperwork and other training that goes into becoming a real estate agent. Saying that anyone’s job is “fun” tends to imply that the job would be easy for the speaker. One doesn’t typically refer to the work of airline pilots or astronauts as “fun,” since it’s acknowledged that a lot of training is necessary. Since some homeowners can sell their home without an agency, some people underestimate the amount of work involved.

“I don’t want to sell my property to anyone who is [insert race, gender, or religion].”
The dynamics of neighborhoods sometimes change over time, and some ethnic groups congregate in different parts of town in many cities. There are a lot of different factors that go into the way a population distributes itself across an urban area, and some patterns are established over long periods of time. People who have lived in one neighborhood may feel resentment toward newcomers of a different demographic, but it is not okay to ask a realtor to participate in discrimination. In the wake of the national Civil Rights Movement, equal housing legislation passed into law at the end of the 1960s. Your agent will show the property to any buyers who might be in the right financial market to make the purchase.

Corporate Real Estate Occupiers Are Aggressive on Expanding Offices in India

May 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Recently, a popular property consultant firm conducted a research on mid-sized corporate real estate occupiers during the period June – July 2015, and gathered the responses of leading corporate firms headquartered in India and overseas. The research report says that, corporate real estate occupiers seem to be very aggressive in occupying office spaces across India.

Basically, the survey pointed to the choice of work space being progressively driven by the three main objectives; they are Talent (availability and cost), Infrastructure (social and physical) and Real Estate options. It has to be noted that the survey respondents included the corporates based across different industries and the representatives of typical Indian office space occupiers.

Below mentioned are a few key findings of the research:

  • The corporate occupiers in India are more likely to adopt the workplace strategies. The survey also revealed that the occupiers are being very efficient and are more inclined to adopt the efficient strategies, with most of the corporates mainly preferring to adopt open space workstation formats.
  • The leading corporate space occupiers continued to occupy the core locations and central business districts of major cities. The study also explored the preferences of the respondents across various occupation options, and the result indicated that, almost about 75% of the respondents preferred to lease, pre-lease or purchase the space within the prime locations of the cities.
  • IT/ITeS companies are planning to expand their operations across major cities in the southern part. The respondents of other key sectors like ecommerce firms, health care and others preferred Mumbai and Delhi NCR for their future expansions.
  • Office space occupiers across the leading industry segments were asked to chart out the direction in which they want to expand their office over the next two years. The results indicated that, most of the IT/ITeS firms (almost about 70%) of the respondents are more likely to expand their operations in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, while the ecommerce and media firms chose to expand in Mumbai and Delhi NCR in the next two years.

3 Steps For Grieving Real Estate Taxes

April 14, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Albeit different areas have particular systems, almost every one has a procedure to request or lament one’s land charges. As a rule, this should either be possible without anyone else’s input, or you can procure another person (or some organization) to do as such, for you. Why might somebody lament his land charges? One reason may be on the grounds that a large portion of your neighbors do as such, and you will endure fiscally, by not doing as such. Another is, whether you trust your home is being evaluated for more than it ought to be, and in this way, you will being paying more expenses than you have to, or ought to. Despite your purposes behind doing as such, every property holder ought to acknowledge he has certain choices and rights, and this article will endeavor to endless supply of the fundamental strides in engaging and remedying something which may antagonistically affect you.

1. Relative Market Analysis (CMA): Before you can guarantee you are being charged excessively, you should make and present a reason for your conviction. In about each region, one must gather practical, significant, tantamount homes, and look at what they are being charged in expenses, to what you are. For instance, on the off chance that you can find 5 or 6 homes, which are comparable in size, area, property, condition, and so forth, and their evaluated values fluctuate essentially with your home’s, you have made the best introductory premise, for request. On the off chance that you can do along these lines, yourself, you will pick up the best advantage, however in the event that you can’t, or don’t have room schedule-wise or slant, contact a legitimate organization, to deal with this for you. As a rule, these organizations will energize you to half of your reserve funds, yet recall, that is still much better than what you would some way or another be paying, and so forth. What’s more, you’ll just be charged the expense, in the event that you get a lessened evaluation, and reserve funds!

2. Demonstrate what others pay in duties (or are evaluated): Once you’ve distinguished the applicable different properties, indicate how a great deal less they might pay than you are. This is the thing that you submit as your grievance, and so on.

3. Round out the fundamental structures/printed material: Depending on your area, this procedure may either be somewhat basic, or more mind boggling/confused! In either case, you should get, and legitimately round out totally, all the fundamental structures and printed material. This is another reason many individuals select to utilize one of the organizations that gives this administration.

While it is your duty to pay your land charges, it is not, to pay more than you ought to reasonably do as such! In the event that you trust you are as a rule unreasonably burdened, in respect to your neighbors, take after the grievance or offers prepare.

Why Using Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

April 4, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Your potential clients are using social media. Why aren’t you there networking with them? Now that you have an online presence through your website, you might think your web marketing plan is complete and you don’t need SMM – but think again. Agents who are neglecting SMM miss out on lucrative listings, and they lose the chance to connect with potential buyers who are seeking their dream home.

What is social media marketing for real estate?

You, personally, probably use social media every day. You just don’t know it. And, that’s why it hasn’t been working to your marketing advantage. You read and commented other people’s blogs. You use Facebook to keep up with your family and old friends. You tweet on Twitter to say witty things. You’ve watched many videos on YouTube. And, you’re a true fan of blogs. So, time to use SMM for real estate!

Social media marketing for real estate Choices

Here is a short list of just a few available choices of the popular SMM.

  1. Blog for Your Brand – share relevant content with your target market
  2. Facebook Business Page – make “friends” that are interested in your brand, product or services
  3. Twitter Business Account – Share your expertise by tweeting to your online “followers”
  4. LinkedIn – networking for businesses, including B2B
  5. YouTube – market your commercials online for free

Social media marketing for real estate Blog Content

A blog, which is short for “web log”, is an online journal for your SMM campaign. It’s your company’s opportunity to introduce your brand by marketing your niche. Your business blog lets your target housing market get to know you, who you are and what you do through SMM

Get more clients with social media marketing for real estate

Are you looking for ways to gain more clients? Of course, you are! All experts, brokers and agents have a passion for making money. Informative content is what gives you that extra edge in the market. When you provide free, relevant, useful information to your target market, you become an expert in their eyes.

When sellers are ready to put their homes on the market, they will turn to a real estate expert – the agent or the broker who is professional and able to market their homes. Even banks selling REOs use SMM for content to help them connect to qualified agents to provide them with commercial services. Content helps to connect yourself with your readers and turn your followers into actual clients.

Donald Trump and His Possible Impacts on Real Estate

March 4, 2017 Posted by kyu7

It has been three days since Republican bet Donald Trump shockingly won the US presidential elections. Months before his astounding win, there have been many speculations on how his policies would affect every industry in the United States, its neighboring countries and even the world.

To many real estate men, his win will likely bring a roller coaster of changes considering that he is restrictive on his policies on businesses, investments, and international trade. Given the policy uncertainties that will likely exist within Trump’s administrations, some real estate companies have their assumptions on how the government will deal with mortgages.

Yet, on the other end, some sees his ascent to the highest seat of US government as a time to refocus on communities. Trump had been so vocal on the important role that community colleges play in shaping the economy. These community colleges produce the skilled workers needed by various industries like real estate. The welders, plumbers, electricians, brick workers, and masons are just some of the skilled persons that community colleges produce. If colleges of this type will be given more help, then the real estate industry will benefit by being supplied of enough numbers of skilled workers needed without having to look for outside talents.

If this policy pushes through, it is not impossible to see more community colleges being established within the next four years. And if this happens, there are other establishments which can sprout in communities. They can help in strengthening the local real estate industry.

The real estate industry also waits for Trump’s take on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Considering the past faults of these entities to taxpayers, the government may consider their elimination. However, the government must consider very well on how these institutions will create a crisis scenario given that mortgage lending for fixed terms can become more expensive than what it is today. These institutions, despite their past faults, have already rebounded in favour of taxpayers due to the efficiency of their new leaderships.

The newly elected president was also very vocal during his campaigns on how the United States should only be for Americans. In news, incidents of racism seem higher than it were before. There are fears that immigrations will be more restrictive and that immigrants the subject of restrictions when it comes to home buying. If these were true, real estate investments will be directly affected.

President Trump has a span of four years to regain the confidence of majority of Americans that he can make America great again. He has those four long years to prove those who voted in his favor that they were just right for choosing him as the 45th president. He has those four long years to disprove those who favoured his opponent that he really has what it takes as the greater president than their choice. Let us see come January 20, 2017 on how a well-identified real estate person will serve the industry that reaped in billions of dollars for him in decades. Let us see how he’ll serve United States.